Toasted Barrel Brewery has been created out of the desire and love of great beer and the difficulty to find big bold beers locally.

At Toasted Barrel Brewery we push the limits in beer production. We produce exotic and standard styles all with an emphasis on hand craftsmanship. We have seasonal releases of vintage aged sours and high alcohol barrel aged beers.


Toasted Barrel Brewery, CEO/Brewer

I started brewing my own beer in 2000 after moving to Salt Lake City from Oregon. I was frustrated by the lack of beers to choose from and the high costs. My first batch of beer was bottled in two litter soda bottles and it was pretty bad. This intrigued me so I researched and read, and then brewed my second batch, a vanilla porter. Its was great and vanished in no time. Since then I have been experimenting with recipes and ingredients. After that experience in creating my own beer, I went to belgium and was blown away with the passion and love they shared for beer. Now I have traveled the major beer regions of the USA and am excited to share my passion and knowledge of beer here in this amazing state of Utah!


Toasted Barrel Brewery, COO/Head Brewer

I got a home brew set for my Birthday and it took some talking into to actually get me to use the kit. I was a whiskey guy, not a beer guy! Once I saw the process of making beer I started to appreciate beer more and learn more and more about it from that point on.

I have learned all sorts of beer knowledge (some useful, some not) from listening to pod casts while I work and reading beer books before going to bed every night.

I do contract work on the side flipping houses, doing concrete and went to Paul Mitchell hair school. I am a well rounded handy man. I have a barber shop in our basement where I cut hair and my clients get to try my home brews! It's the best of both worlds. If you throw anything my way, more than likely I'll embrace the challenge. I am excited for this next adventure of brewing great beer for all of us in Utah.