Our motto is to combine the craftsmanship of brewing with the passion of a fine winery.
We specialize in barrel aged sours, kettle sours, balanced IPAs and wild beers.
As some take more time, they will be announced and released as soon as they are ready. The beers below are our standard but almost every week we have special releases so be sure to check our Facebook page or stop in to the brewery so you don't miss out!
Young Bruin
Kettle Soured Sour Brown Ale
Our take on the Oud Bruin style. Sour with a malt backbone that creates a fruity flavor without having any fruit added.
Black Currant Sour
Kettle Sour
Our base golden kettle sour is fruited with tons of black currant to give a wonderful fruit flavor that compliments the tartness and gives it a beautiful purple hue.
Mango Sour
Kettle Sour
Our base golden kettle sour is fruited with tons of mango puree to give a soft tropical flavor that compliments the tartness.
Belgian Style Quadruple Ale
Belgian Style Quadrupel made with Belgian candy sugar and molasses to compliment the high gravity of this beer.
Weisse Man
Kettle Soured Tart Wheat Ale
A Berliner weisse style ale. Brewed to be light, tart and refreshing.  The name is inspired by a wise man named James Joule, who was an English brewer and physicist.
Raspberry Weisseman
Raspberry Kettle Soured Tart Wheat Ale
We took our Weisse Man and let it sit on 13 pounds of raspberries. The raspberries bring a delicious sweetness to the tart base of the Weisse Man.   
White IPA
Our Belgian influenced white IPA is brewed with orange peel and coriander to compliment the tropical hops. This compilation creates a smooth, hoppy finish that craft beer lovers, from developing pallets to hopheads, will appreciate alike.
Our recipe was crafted while pursuing the heart of a porcelain faced beauty nicknamed doll-face.
Four Saisons
Seasonal Saison
This Saison is very complex and is fruity in the aroma and flavor with earthy yeast tones and mild tartness. It is semi-dry with having fruity esters to balance the flavors. This beer rotates key note flavors four times a year, to complement our four seasons. It is brewed with its history in mind using a mixed culture fermentation, just as it would have been done hundreds of years ago. 
Utah Double
Smooth Wheat IPA
We embrace that Utah is different, and that difference is GREAT. So great, we thought it should be doubled!
Our IPA is brewed to double the local standards. With an 8% ABV and with five types of hops.
Special Release Ale
Changes all the time!
We constantly have special releases available that range from different types of sours to an experimental wonder. 
Check back soon to see what's aging!

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